fabric by indy

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50 years old and I ain’t got nothing in my bed, but a sweet gray cat

Smug from the electrifying experience of teaching someone a lesson I myself learnt just a few minutes before

I'm going to Wichita, far from this opera forever more

Here’s to all them fruity men who love fruity teas and biscuits at 4

Getting my kicks by sneaking up and saying boo to ghosts

Every Sunday you'll see my sweetheart and me, as we poison the pigeons in the park

Your Linkedin says you used to be a damn good dot connector

Yeh! Yayoi! Yah!

It was fall, but without all the pumpkin spice

It was a "Drink your tea holding an oversized mug with both hands" kind of tablecloth

If I were a pensioner rich with content, I'd spend it all on you

Walking home, listening to Dylan, kicking acorns at parked cars.

We went to a fancy tea house and all she wanted was bloody Earl Grey

Learning new songs to sing together on our lollipop whistles

Buttons, threads and other wonderful things that keep bringing you back to the haberdashery

Don’t trust the government. It’s filled with people who chose a career in government.

Can you really trust a girl who can eat half a KitKat and save the rest for later?

One fine Tuesday, downtown, I got really good advice from a terrible person

Oh to get rich and have lobster in the off season

A steam whistle from the kitchen told me that something was ready to be had

Duck. Turtle. Mushroom. Lizard. Princess. Mario.

You buy me some Skittles and Mr. Pibb and I keep my hands to myself during the movie

Let's have the kind of party that starts with fresh flowers, but brings property values down

I changed all my contacts to emojis, and now you're fried shrimp

Working title 15
Working title 15

I get tired, I get old but to see you steady brings a flood of gold

One day Miro's dog said "will you walk me, please?"

That colourful beach where we ate cupcakes and got high on 'shrooms with starfish and sheep

It always looked so lovely, warm and peaceful from a distance

From a distance, wind farms looked like the answer to all our problems

Those days in parliament where everything was a hoot

Oh, Erdogan! When will you leave?

We never took off, but we flew past the trees like birds through clouds

Remember that time when I thought one bedroom wouldn't be much of a life

We are all squares and running fast out of spares

I don't know why I hate you, I just know that I do.

They were all a bit odd, but they fit really with the others

5 Trillion dollars in debt and still nothing gained

One a month, in a hotel downtown, they come together and let it loose

I bought some onions at the farmer's market and turned them into soup

That house we bought in dreamland that turned into a nightmare