Theraflu: Power to the People

To build awareness around its syrup, while highlighting its power to get people back into their day, we created a concept that incorporated the formulation into the final outcome—powerful relief.
The Problem: Viewers skip videos as soon as they are allowed to. If the brand does not appear before that, the opportunity is lost. Most viewer have sound off, so the video has be just as impactful with the sound off.
Solution: We made the product the hero of the story the story revolving around it. The product is visible from the beginning to the end and the video is equally impactful with or without sound. Take a look.


Campaign Concept

Creative Direction

Visual Design


Responsive Design

Theraflu Watson experience

What Powers You?

Everyone has something in their lives that they’re passionate about. For some people, it’s the burning desire to do something that makes a difference in the lives of others. They won’t miss a day of it, and wont let any challenge stand in their way. Especially not a cold or flu. These documentaries celebrate that inner fire and undeniable spirit that powers people to go above and beyond, and inspire consumers to find their own fire. And in those moments that Cold & Flu get in the way, Theraflu is powers them to keep on going.

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Theraflu Video FAQ's

Got questions about Theraflu? We have the answers. These videos try answer the most frequently asked questions in an easy to understand video format with illustrations.