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Theraflu: Power to the People

Everyone has a job to do; a day to get through. When taking the day off is not an option. The Power to the People campaign highlights how Theraflu gives you the power to Power Through your worst cold & flu symptoms. These online videos overcome some of the barriers facing the medium. They work with or without sound and make the product the hero even without the sound.

Campaign Concept

Creative Direction

Visual Design


Responsive Design

Theraflu Weather.com Watson experience

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What Powers You?

Everyone has something in their lives that they’re passionate about. For some people, it’s the burning desire to do something that makes a difference in the lives of others. They won’t miss a day of it, and wont let any challenge stand in their way. Especially not a cold or flu. These documentaries celebrate that inner fire and undeniable spirit that powers people to go above and beyond, and inspire consumers to find their own fire.

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Theraflu Video FAQs. Click here to view more FAQs on Theraflu.com